Several new products are making it easier for travelers to keep track of their phone, pack light to the beach, maintain their vitamin regimen and keep cool – no matter where their travels take them.


Keebos’ Beaded Phone Charm Straps ($16.90) not only bling out your smartphone, but they also ensure you’ll never drop or misplace your phone again. Inspired by California’s easy-breezy summers, the charm straps come in two fun themes – Peace and Love – that add color and kicky style to your phone. The charms fit all phones, and let users easily hold their phone in one hand.

This accessory doesn’t come with a phone case, but Keebos offers a Clear Wallet Phone Case ($22.95) that stores up to seven cards and has four-corner bumper protection. (It’s an accessory that lets you feel good too, as a tree is planted for each wallet purchased through the company’s partnership with One Tree Planted.) To add the beaded charm, simply attach the strap anywhere to your phone case – through the designated holes on the case or through the camera, volume or speaker openings of the case.


Heading to a beach vacation? Tuck a Lightload beach towel ($12) into your purse or pocket. These full-size beach towels are the smallest, lightest, most energy-efficient towels made with travelers in mind. The winner of a Product Innovation Award from the Travel Goods Association in the category of Most Eco-Friendly Product, these extra-strength towels are perfect for beachgoers, campers, hikers, fishers and other travelers and adventurers as well as for everyday use.

Add water and watch the magic happen: The pocket-size towels unfold to a supersize reusable towel. Additionally, they absorb like a sponge and wick water from your body like it’s their job. They are available in three sizes: 30 by 60-inch beach; 12 by 24-inch hand-size three-pack; and 12 by 12-inch hand-size two-pack.


Here is everything a traveler needs in a patch: energy, immunity, focus, stress relief and sleep. Meet the Vitamin Patch from Patch Brand ($12/box), vitamin-infused patches with powerful ingredients that pack easily on the road to deliver high quality nutrient blends over 24 hours.

Each box contains 15 patches that release 100 percent of your vitamins via a small, discrete patch. For instance, the Stress Relief Patch is infused with valerian root, passion flower and hops to promote calm and relaxation. Patches are vegan and responsibly sourced as well as gluten- and cruelty-free.


Traveling to the tropics or other locale guaranteed to heat you up? Travelers can get immediate relief from heat intolerance with the Cooling Cuff ($34.95), a reusable personal cooling device worn snugly on the wrist to rapidly lower core body temperature and quickly restore temperature homeostasis.

Created by a veteran-owned business and made in the USA, the Cooling Cuff is designed to be worn for 10 to 15 minutes and then removed. Its simple three-step process – remove from freezer, attach to wrist, cool down – returns the body to homeostasis and allows you to stop sweating. The customized cooling compartment, worn on the underside of your wrist, is optimized for maximum cooling while allowing a full range of motion; in other words, to bring sweet cooling relief now.


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