Early in 2008, a Frenchman living in Spokane pointed his skis down the southwestern flank of Mount Hood, accelerated, tucked and then launched off a 250-foot-tall cliff. The affable and energetic Matthias Giraud fell for about 3 seconds, windmilling his arms to keep his body upright.

Each year in late summer/early fall, Chinook travel more than 800 miles back from the ocean to scoop out gravel nests in the small streams of the central Idaho wilderness and deposit their eggs. Idaho Fish and Game biologists are literally hovering over the streams and taking notes.

Union-Bulletin reader Kathy Elsee captured a variety of dragonflies in her garden recently. Do you have an outdoors photo you’d like to see published in the U-B? Email images and information to sports@wwub.com and they may appear in a future Panorama.

A quail family enjoyed dust baths in Karen Bury’s garden, between the beets and the broccoli, during second week of August. The birds would hide under the broccoli for shade and drink from water collected on the leaves, Bury reported. The adult male and female took turns as lookouts on the a…