Mountain View Cemetery headstones

The markers of Pardon Dock Bentley, his former wife, Lida Ann Bentley, and their young son, C.S. “Chester” Bentley, in Mountain View Cemetery. The elder Bentleys are not buried in this plot.

Mountain View Cemetery’s headstones, silent as the grave, still speak through stories and symbols etched into the stone.

Walla Walla Parks & Rec is offering a new community-wide, family friendly event this spring to learn about those stories through its first Symbol Quest.

The self-guided interactive journey is for all ages to find those stories throughout the cemetery at 2120 S Second Ave., Parks recreation supervisor Angela Potts said.

Potts said in a release that the cemetery can be seen in a new light. Each deceased’s life had a journey and a story to tell. The stone can reveal their occupations, religious beliefs, interests and age.

Participation will run June 18-July 18. Registration is due by May 28. To register download the free Walla Walla Parks & Rec app or go online to For additional details, contact 527-4527 or

Participants will receive a Symbol Quest symbol card listing 15 symbols to be discovered, with brief descriptions of their meaning to help locate them inside the cemetery.

Participants will also receive a Symbol Quest wicking hoodie for ages 18 and older or cotton blend long sleeved T-shirt for ages 0-17, depending on the quest registered for. Those younger than 17 may register for the adult Symbol Quest and must pay the fee associated with it.

Post favorite Symbol Quest photos to the event raffle on for a chance to win weekly prizes.

For a chance to win dinner to the Red Monkey, Hop Thief or Stone Hut, complete the 15-symbol quest to be entered into into the grand prize raffle. Three people will win $50 each to one of the three supporting restaurants.


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