Laura Schonberg and a mule at Dayton Days

Laura Schonberg of Bow, Washington, speaks gently to a long-eared mule in 2017 at the Columbia County Fairgrounds as she readies for the Dayton Days/Mule Mania parade.

Dayton Days is expected to take place come the end of May. The Columbia County Commissioners granted Dayton Days Inc. use of the Columbia County Fairgrounds during Memorial Day weekend, May 28-29.

A two-day evening rodeo is planned as COVID-19 restrictions lift statewide. There may be a slack performance Saturday afternoon if enough entries come in. Talks for a Saturday parade are underway with the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

The Dayton Chronicle reported Dayton Days member Tim Quade presented the group’s request for use of the fairgrounds over Memorial Day during a County Commission meeting March 15. Dayton Days Inc. will operate the event in cooperation with the Columbia County Fair.

Stock contractor Tucker Cool of Bar X Ranches and local rodeo enthusiasts Tony Currin and Greg Fullerton, who will conduct the performance, anticipate enough entries to fill a two-day rodeo.

Fundraising, facilities, COVID-19 protocols, concessions, royalty committees and other tasks necessary before Memorial Day are under the auspices of Dayton Days member volunteers.

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