WW Public Library new library card

Alcencia Munio receives her new library card from Alexis Rodegerdts when she and Kaleb Hastings visit the Walla Walla Public Library, May 6, 2021.

The Walla Walla Public Library theme for November is Native American Heritage Month.

This week’s adult feature is fiction, “The Only Good Indians: A Novel,” by Stephen Graham Jones.

Jones delivers a thought-provoking trip to the edge of your seat in this rural creature feature. Four young Blackfeet men ignore the hunting boundaries of their community and fire into an elk herd on land reserved for the elders, but one elk proves unnaturally hard to kill. Years later, they’re forced to answer for their act of selfish violence, setting into motion a supernatural hunt in which predator becomes prey. Jones hits his stride with a smart story of social commentary — it’s scary good.

— Kirkus Reviews

The youth selection is a nonfiction, “#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women,” by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale.

According to the foreword, Charleyboy’s intent for this anthology is to provide a “space to not only write a love letter to all young Indigenous women trying to find their way, but also to help dispel those stereotypes so we can collectively move forward to a brighter future for all.” Charleyboy and Leatherdale have selected art, poetry and prose created by Indigenous teenage girls and women that touch on a plethora of topics, from Standing Rock to ReMatriate, a collective of Indigenous women dedicated to showing the multiplicity of Indigenous identity through social media. Ages 12-17.

— School Library Journal

To borrow these titles, visit the Walla Walla Public Library at 238 E. Alder St., go online at wallawallapubliclibrary.org, or call 509-527-4550 for details on curbside pickup and open building hours.

Many other titles are available with a library card on the Washington Anytime Library at anytime.overdrive.com.


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