This event has all the markings of a sell-out crowd. 

Members of Tukanon Band, which rocked the Walla Walla area as far back as 1977, will come together again to perform during the Scotty Fletcher II Memorial BOTM Jam II. 

The concert will be from 6-11:30 p.m. July 20 at the Walla Walla Eagles Aerie 26, 350 S. Second Ave.

Admission is $20 and open to those 21 and older. Tickets are available at

Tukanon also reunited in 2018 to honor Scotty Fletcher II. 

“It was an amazing get together with awesome friends and music,” a Facebook post notes. 

“Since then we’ve lost another close friend of ours and Scotty’s, Darrel Huntley. We know Darrel would gave wanted it and Scotty would have wanted it and we want it and you want it, so ...” all the more reason for a mini-fest, reunion, memorial and party.

Robin Barrett, Michael Cook, Carl Bossini, Nick Campanelli and Shannno Robison started the country rock and classic rock group on April 1, 1977. They played together until April 1, 1984, when Robison and Campanelli went on to other pursuits and Jimmy Wrinkle and Ken Brewer joined “in the crazy ride until that first era came to an end.”

All of the original members plan reunite on July 20, along with Coyote Kings with Tiphony Dames and Diego Romero.

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