Victor Attoh, a physical therapist by trade and a photographer at heart, is currently exhibiting his photos at Starbucks Coffee Co., 28 E. Main St.

Attoh said he got into photography initially in high school when he took a black and white photography class because he wanted a class that didn’t require him to sit still for the entire period.

The class sparked an interest in photography that he didn’t truly do anything with for another 10 years when he graduated from physical therapy school and took it up as his primary hobby.

“I enjoy taking pictures in my local town and the surrounding areas, and it is a true adventure to seek out new locations or try to capture the same locations in a new light, both literally and figuratively,” Attoh said. “My family also relishes the opportunity to see new places and travel abroad, which provides opportunities to come home with images to cherish and add to the memories of the adventure.”

He said he has found that being an early morning individual has an advantage as a landscape photographer because the best light for photography is usually just before and after sunrise and

the same time frame around sunset. 

“Early mornings are ideal for me because I usually have time to myself at locations that can be a little crowded at sunset,” he said. “There is also a certain peace and awe that is experienced in nature or a landscape scene that cannot be described, only experienced.”

The exhibit is up through July. 

To see more of Attoh’s work, visit or Instagram at visual_gemz.

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