A new artists reception will be from 4-6 p.m. Friday at Combine Art Collective, 130 E. Rose St. There is no admission fee.

This is the first group of cooperative member artists to be featured.

In addition to partners Lauri Borer, Patty Gardner, Tricia Harding, Ann Hooper, Dianna Woolley and Lynn Woolson, visitors will be treated to new work by Tina Albro, Kathleen Casteel, Sheila Coe, Bonnie Zahn Griffith, Anne Haley, Brandon Hallsted, J&S Glassworks, Gary Meddaugh, Julie Miller, Jess Portas, Denise Shives and Katherine Wildermuth.

The new artists’ work will exhibit their interests and skills, such as acrylic, watercolor, encaustic and oil painting, printmaking, pottery, three-dimensional floor, pedestal and wall pieces, plus glasswork, jewelry and sculptures.

“Visitors asking where the artwork lives in Walla Walla may point proudly to our sidewalk sculptures, Heritage Square Park, galleries, tasting rooms and now to Combine Art Collective,” Woolley said in a release.