The virtual gallery Artist’s Favorite exhibition for Blue Mountain Artists Guild members is  available for viewing and sharing via the guild’s video.

The online gallery tour is narrated and includes insights from each artist as to how the work was produced and the emotions that are imbued in them.

"The decision to take July off, when the challenge list was created in the world before COVID-19, stood as July usually has members traveling, busy with work or family, and unable to meet as a group. But that was then, and this is a new art reality, so the guild voted to host a show of their favorite works. This gave the group a chance to show works not seen before and go deeper into the histories, mediums, and approaches," said guild member Lorna Barth in a release.

She describes the virtual gallery tour as relaxing and worth a few moments while sipping a favorite beverage and taking a break from the heat.

Available by YouTube link or on Facebook

The August Virtual Gallery Exhibition is available at or via the Blue Mountain Artists Guild’s Facebook page