One-hundred twenty dancers and performers will take the Cordiner Hall stage to perform The Dance Center’s classic fairy tale “Pinocchio,” and show the audience what the wooden puppet must do to become a real boy.

The performance will be 7 p.m. Dec. 14 at Cordiner, 44 S. Park St., Whitman College campus.

Tickets are sold at Earthlight Books or at the door: $20 reserved, $15 general and $10 students/seniors. A ticket pre-sale will be at The Dance Center, 129 E. Alder St., Suite B, from 5-7 p.m. Nov. 13.

Based on the original story by Carlo Collodi, Dance Center Director Idalee Hutson-Fish conceived and choreographed the story about Pinocchio, who learns why it is important to always tell the truth.

Additional choreography came from Ashley Akacich, Phyllis Rothwell and Brooke Perkins.

On a warm summer evening, the Blue Fairy (Danielle Schmode) visits a quaint little city to place her magic on a simple pine log that will forever change the life of lonely carpenter Geppetto (Topher Murphy).

When a puppet show comes to town, Geppetto decides to make himself a puppet from the magic pine log.

Pinocchio (Joel Ruybalid) encounters traditional characters in the performance.

He smashes a friendly Cricket (Amanda Gallaway) with a frying pan and learns hunger for the first time.

Geppetto sends him to school where he is waylaid by the lure to dance with puppets and win the heart of the FireEater (Josue Castillo) who gives him five gold coins.

He meets his own demise at the hands of the Fox (Nathalia Cazarez) and Cat (Taya Lovejoy) who covet the gold coins.

The Blue Fairy teaches him the consequences of lying then sends him to look for Geppetto.

Geppetto is enticed into the sea by Sirens and swallowed by the Whale. Pinocchio is chained to a doghouse and save chickens from Polecats.

He will get in a fight with the School Kids and nearly hauled to jail but escape only to meet the unsavory influence of Lucinella (Colleen McKibben) who talks him into joining up with The Director of Funland (Paula Vargas) who promises every kid’s dream in Forever Funland.

Funland turns out not to be much fun when he is transformed into a donkey and sold to the brutally mean Ringmaster (Mimi Filan) and must perform in the circus.

The Blue Fairy changes Pinocchio back into a puppet and sends him off to search for Geppetto.

Tunnyfish (Wynter Doyle) swims with Pinocchio and they are both eaten by the Whale where he finds his beloved Geppetto.

For more information, contact Hutson-Fish at or 509-525-8015.