A new show featuring works by Joaquin Pillado and Enrique Murillo has opened at CAVU, 175 E. Aeronca Ave.

“Theirs were two of our most popular art shows and we are so happy to have them back again,” the gallery posted about the pair on Facebook. 

Pillado, born in Cocula Guerrero, Mexico, is inspired by nature — trees, landscapes, flowers and animals.  

He works with acrylics, pastels and oils, painting on paper, canvas and wood. He especially enjoys painting over gesso textures. Since he started painting, it has been an amazing journey full of colors, forms, textures and imagination, he said. 

A Mexico City native, Murillo was raised by his artist father who encouraged him to pursue art.  

He began experimenting with black and white human anatomy drawings, and likes to play on the transitions of colors with both realistic and abstract interpretations. 

Through painting, he says, he can express visually the art that inspires him every day in life, projecting his style of modern, contemporary and abstract painting.

For more details, call 509-540-6352 or see cavucellars.com.


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