An artist’s reception for Tom Dimond and his glass art will be from 5-7  tonight p.m. Nov. 7 at Morell Family Wines & Studio TWOZEROTWO, 202 E. Main St.

“I am seeing these images in the digital world we are currently living with daily. It is everywhere I look. This is a validation that I am onto something, which is in tune with the collective unconscious,” he said.

His most current glass series is only made possible as a result of his team’s expertise and advanced skills. These pieces are made from “Murrini.”

The team uses glass blowing techniques where each member has an assignment requiring split-second timing and practice.

The colored glass is pulled into canes that can exceed 70 feet, often made of multiple encased colors, creating a complicated matrix of color and patterns.

The final product is a combination of meditative tediousness, sophisticated approach to laying colors, heating and cooling and many more hours of polishing.

“All worth the effort for the beauty of these vessels,” he said.