Artist Amelia Sherritt brings her whimsical, imaginative art created from recycled wine foils to Saviah Cellars for an exhibit running through Sept. 1.

Each of her unique pieces includes hundreds if not thousands of wine foils, those protective sleeves or capsules, typically of tin, that go over corked wine bottles.

Raised in the Seattle area, Sherritt finds inspiration in her city as well as the surrounding beauty of Washington state, and art is a direct reflection of that influence. 

She studied art history at the University of Washington and has been making art through various mediums for years. Her focus of creating recycled art started in 2007, and the palate of her work relies solely on the foils from emptied wine bottles, glued on hand-built wood blocks.

She has made more than 250 wine foil pieces to date and works as a full-time artist creating new ideas and commissions. Each recycled wine foil needs to be cut, prepped and smashed before being utilized for her work. Even then it takes hours of hand detailing to complete a single


Most of her materials come from local tasting rooms, restaurants and friends contributing something that represents so much more than just recycled art.

“I think of how each foil represents a memory or experience shared. Who hasn’t had a laugh over a bottle of wine with a friend? People love wine, people love art so it just makes sense that they mix well together.”

Her love for animals, nature, color and eclectic themes make for an intriguing mix of whimsy and realism. Along with texture, color also plays a vital role in her work as she does not use any paint or pigment in her art. 

Amelia believes that taking everyday, unwanted materials to make art forces us to recognize the beauty that can come from turning trash into treasure.

Winery hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily and the gallery is open to everyone. 

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