PORT ANGELES — In arguably the West Coast League’s most exciting home run derby, hometown slugger, Houston’s Ron Brown of the Lefties, won the league’s inaugural Saltwater Splashdown in the Port Angeles harbor.

Brown represented the North in the finals, as he outdistanced the Bellingham Bells’ Matt James 21-20 home runs in the first round, versus Corvallis Knights slugger Cody Hawken of the University of Portland, who blasted 13 home runs in the first round to represent the South.

In a derby hosted by the Lefties, conditions were best suited for righties as right-handed sluggers dominated at this year’s WCL Home Run Derby.

The finish featured a finals tie of 10 water bombs each by Brown and Hawken. The tie was broken in an extra round as each slugger got five swings. 

Hawken led-off with four homers in five swings.

Brown captured the title by going 5-for-5 with his extra swings, homering each time to win the Saltwater Splashdown crown.

The WCL All-Star Game is set for today at 6:35 p.m. at Civic Field in Port Angeles. 

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