BRASILIA, Brazil — Soccer star Neymar testified for almost two hours in Rio de Janeiro’s police headquarters in a cybercrimes investigation linked to a woman’s rape allegation against him.

Brazilian soccer confederation reported earlier that Neymar had received a subpoena to speak with authorities about his posting on social media of images and messages of the accuser without her authorization in possible violation of her online privacy.

Neymar arrived to testify shortly after 7 p.m. local time and left shortly before 9 p.m. He spoke to journalists afterward at the police headquarters but didn’t provide any details about his testimony in the alleged cybercrime case.

“I only want to thank the support and messages that everybody sent,” said the player, who was using crutches because of his injured right ankle.

Neymar is expected to speak to authorities in the next few days about the rape allegation, which is being investigated separately in Sao Paulo, where the woman filed a formal complaint with police Friday. The complaint alleges the Brazilian soccer star raped her in a Paris hotel room May 15. A doctor gave a statement to Sao Paulo police Thursday about a medical examination he gave the accuser.

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