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Jerry Close tees off on the 9th hole during Saturday’s final round of the Senior Amateur golf Tournament at the Walla Walla Country Club. 

The 59th Senior Amateur golf tournament concluded on Saturday at the Walla Walla Country Club.

On the men’s side of the tournament, Jeff Wright was the Low Gross of Field winner as he shot a 216 overall. 

Gary Graybeal won the winner of the Low Net of Field after shooting a 195. 

The Super Senior Low Gross winner was Bill Herron after he shot a 228 overall. 

Robert Kajca won the Super Senior Low Net with shooting a 205 overall. 

The Legends Gross winner was Bill Ashley after shooting a 251, and the Legends Net winner was Alan Mendel after shooting a 206.

Jerry Close and Arne Helmersen each tied for first in the First Flight Gross with both shooting a 219. 

Behind them was Rick Richardson who was third with a 234 and Howard Crosby who was fourth with a 235. Brian Duffy was the Net winner after shooting a 207.

Fred Reininger was the Flight Two Gross champion after shooting a 244 and Randy Burke shot a 209 to become the Net champion.

Neil Jungemann was the Flight Three Gross winner after shooting a 271 overall. Phil Stalcup was the Net champion and shot a 209.

On the women’s side, Joan Schille was the Low Gross of Field winner as she shot a 158 overall and Karen Graybeal was the Low Net of Field winner after shooting a 137.

The Flight One Gross winner was Kris Adams who shot a 170 overall followed by Laurie Rogerson who shot a 180 and Sam Long who shot 183.

Nancy Tracy and Renee Wilson both tied for first for the Net champion as both shot a 141.


Senior Amateur

Thursday, Friday and Saturday Results

at Walla Walla Country Club


Low Gross of Field:

216- Jeff Wright, Walla Walla.

Low Net of Field:

195- Gary Graybeal, Walla Walla.

Super Senior Low Gross:

228- Bill Herron, Walla Walla.

Super Senior Low Net:

205- Robert Kajca, Vashon, Wash.

Legends Gross:

251- Bill Ashley, Mountain Vista.

Legends Net:

206- Alan Mendel, Vashon, Wash.

First Flight Gross

219- Jerry Close, Moses Lake; Arne Helmersen, Mission Hills.

234- Rick Richardson, Fairwood.

235- Howard Crosby, Thunderbird.


207- Brian Duffy, Rainer.

211- Jim Fisher, Fairwood; Robert Fitgerald, Orchard Hills.

212- Bill Stanwood, Royal Oaks; Chris Hinton, Rainer G & CC.

213- Tom Huling, Rainer G & CC.

216- Paul Maudslien, Indian Summer CC.

Second Flight Gross

244- Fred Reininger, Fairwood G & CC.

256- Cliff Trout, Walla Walla.

257- Bill Edleman, Rainer G & CC.

260- Steve Wiegele, Newcastle, Wash.


209- Randy Burke, Fairwood G & CC.

214- Shawn Hoffman, Vashon, Wash.; Kenneth MacDougal, Fairwood G & CC.

216- Tom Iddings, Fairwood G & CC.

217- Mike Murray, Newcastle Wash.

218- Doug Toschi, Rainer G & CC.

219- James Hairston, Oakbrook.

Third Flight Gross

271- Neil Jungemann, Vashon, Wash.

274- Joe Tessier, Rainer G & CC.

280- Cliff Lindgren, Vashon, Wash.; Phil Morgan, Walla Walla.


209- Phil Stalcup, Walla Walla.

215- Bob Lande, Vashon, Wash.; Paul Swortz, Oakbrook.

219- John Olson, Vashon, Wash.

221- Tom Aakers, Southbay; Kim Grinolds, Newcastle, Wash.

223- Walter Schacht, Rainer G & CC.


Low Gross of Field:

158- Joan Schille, Walla Walla.

Low Net of Field:

137- Karen Graybeal, Walla Walla.

First Flight Gross:

170- Kris Adams, High Cedars.

180- Laurie Rogerson, Stone Creek.

183- Sam Long, Walla Walla.


141- Nancy Tracy, Whidbey; Renee Wilson, Walla Walla.

144- Jill Campbell, Rainer G & CC.

Second Flight Gross:

191- Carol Maki, Vashon, Wash.

198- Jayne Shannon, Oakbrook.

199- Diane Kajca, Vashon, Wash.


139- Pati Iddings, Fairwood G & CC.

141- Liz Reininger, Fairwood G & CC.

151- Liann Richardson, Fairwood G & CC.

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