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Madison Darnold follows a tee shot during Saturday’s first round of the 2019 All-City Championship at Walla Walla Country Club.

Chris Mehl turned in the best score of day, pacing the championship division with a 4-under par 68 at the conclusion of first-round action in the 70th annual All-City Championships here at Walla Walla Country Club on Saturday.

The tournament finishes today at Veterans Memorial Golf Course with second-round teeing off this morning at 8 a.m.

First-round play included 116 participants all together.

The Championship Division had 24 men, and Mehl finished the first round with a four-stroke lead over Jeff Neher, Carl Wheeler and Ramon Montoya — all tied for second place.

Meanwhile, Ben Currin topped 26 men in Flight 1 of the Open Division with a 75 that was one stroke ahead of Jeff Bishop, Scott Sterner and Chris Jacky.

Flight 2 of the Open Division, with another 25 participants, had Don Zarndt on top with an 83 that was three up on Tony Billingsley and Brian Bruggeman as well as Randy Romero.

The biggest division, the Senior Division with 31 golfers, Howard Crosby shot a 73 to lead the way with Jeff Wright and John LeFriec one back.

And the Ladies Division of 10 saw Madison Darnold, a Wa-Hi standout who had just graduated after playing in the state championships for the third year, finish the first round in the led with a 79 that was a stroke ahead of Joan Schille.

Walla Walla All-City Championships


at Walla Walla Country Club

First round

Championship Division

Mehl, Chris68

Neher, Jeff72

Wheeler, Carl72

Montoya, Ramon72

Heitzmann, Derik73

Armijo, Zach73

Daniels, Tyler73

Martinez, Jorge74

Chesnut, Matt74

McKibben, Patrick74

Frandsen, Greg75

Hansen, Brian76

Baker, Dakota77

Kimball, Eric77

Byerley, Marshall77

Keyes, Johnny79

Boggs, Bill80

Kaylor, Devin80

Buska, Bryson81

Page, Nick81

Poynor, Jordon85

Schroeder, Daniel89

Perez, Guadalupe91

Babbitt, Jay95

Open Division Flight 1

Currin, Ben75

Bishop, Jeff76

Sterner, Scott76

Jacky, Chris76

Wofford, Barry77

Barragar, Ed77

Wood, Derek78

James, Justin79

Kramer, Kelsey79

Scott, Bryce79

Latham, Stan80

Cole, Ken81

Clark, Mike81

Murr, Clyde81

Fowler, Trent82

Naftzger, Eric82

Adams, Andrew82

Christopherson, Neal82

Farrell, Joshua83

Winterbottom, Brent84

Bolander, Jeff84

Lastoskie, John84

Currin, Abe84

Sanders, Jim86

Norton, Cody87

Spivey, Les98

Open Division Flight 2

Zarndt, Don83

Billingsley, Tony86

Bruggeman, Brian86

Romero, Randy86

Kent, Jim87

Edwards, Adam87

Bloomberg, Onie88

Hofeditz, Michael88

Erickson, Frank89

Olson, Lon89

Lewis, Richard89

Hair, John90

Flippo, Luke90

Lake, Daniel91

Johnson, David92

Contreras, Lupe92

Waggoner, Chris94

Hopkins, Christopher94

Jungmann, Mark95

Alexander, Ron97

Brown, Andrew97

Gonzalez, Reggie100

Salazar, Lupito102

Bull, Ron104

Werner, Casey106

Senior Division

Crosby, Howard73

Wright, Jeff74

LeFriec, John74

Corn, Gregg77

Kaylor, Dan77

Lemm, Mike79

Harvey, Barton79

Gunderson, Eric79

Garza, Domingo80

Smith, Ronnie80

Fleenor, Bill80

Murr, Bruce81

Stroud, Jeff82

Carbonnier, Loic83

Dickey, Wayne83

Trout, Cliff83

Ayotte, Bill84

Votendahl, Jerry84

Conrad, Jerald86

Johnson, Eric86

Beck, Kenny89

Lund, Dennis89

Grimm, Pat89

Blanc, Jeff89

Henderson, James93

Gray, Thomas94

Sullivan, Ron94

Huntley, Dan94

Schiaffo, Joe95

Kaup, George95

Brownfield, Bill102

Ladies Division

Darnold, Madison79

Schille, Joan80

Lyons, Christine85

Michelson, Sarah88

Early, Vicki89

Bolander, Kim90

Spivey, Amy95

Cole, Elizabeth97

Johnson, Judy97

Bloomberg, Lisa100

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