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Congratulations. The information you give on this form helps us prepare the story about your wedding.Deadlines: The deadline is noon Tuesday for publication in the following Sunday paper. PHOTO: It must be sharply focused, of commercial quality with faces close together, as the photo will be reduced in size. The Union-Bulletin reserves the right to refuse a photo for publication if reproduction quality is poor. NAMES/ADDRESSES: First names of all people whose names are to be used are required. In giving addresses, please give the street, city and state. Give the complete names, city and state of all schools and colleges; do not abbreviate. Give city and state with street address.TIMELY: Wedding announcements more than one month old will be abbreviated. Stories more than two months old will not be accepted for the wedding page but will be considered for the Etcetera Column which runs on Sunday in the same section of the paper. PLEASE DO NOT ABBREVIATE. If you have any questions, telephone (509) 526-8313.

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