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Avid dog lovers, country recording duo and The Voice alumni Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee, aka Pryor & Lee, are giving a free concert at 5 p.m. June 23 across 130 social media platforms of humane associations, rescues and shelters across the country, including Blue Mountain Humane Society.

The song uses the name of Walla Walla six times in the stanza of the chorus. The result is rather onomatopoeic for the sound of the words in song is reminiscent of the mellifluous streams characterizing the small city.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Perched on a flowering shrub on a windy Andean mountainside, the tiny Ecuadorian Hillstar hummingbird chirps songs of seduction that only another bird of its kind can hear. As the male sings, he inflates his throat, causing iridescent throat feathers to glisten princely purple. The female may join in a courtship dance […]