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According to the national Climate Prediction Center, April was slightly warmer than years past, but weather experts look to May to get back to usual temperatures and precipitation.

COLUMN: The late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt, of “On the Road” fame, called Beartooth Highway the most beautiful drive in America. It’s even better from the seat of a bicycle.

COLUMN: Springtime in Walla Walla has arrived and so have… the zoomies! Zoomies are technically called Frenetic Random Activity Periods, usually a result of pent up energy. Here's some techniques for dealing with all that energy.

In the 1980s, weather forecasters were ordered by their networks to stop mentioning the effects of a few degrees of temperature change on the jet stream flow pattern. The reasons given were that it was too “political” to report that development and will only “upset” the average American.