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COLUMN: When I was a kid, few girls were diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD in girls tends to be marked by daydreaming, procrastination and impulsivity. Even sensory disturbances like the world being too bright and too loud can be markers of ADHD. It’s easy to see how symptoms can be dismissed as character flaws such as “flightiness” and “oversensitivity.”

COLUMN: I have a confession. None of my children play an instrument. I tried putting my son in violin lessons when he was 4. He used his bow as a sword in his one group lesson. No amount of coaxing or bribing changed the fact that he was an extremely reluctant participant in his own practice session.


Loree McKenna is perhaps best known in Pendleton as a talented cellist, but in 1970 she began creating tapestries. Twenty-seven of her works will be  displayed from April 9-May 29 at the Pendleton Center for the Arts

The walls of Ernie Hartl’s Walla Walla workshop are lined with violins, violas and cellos. But Hartl’s passion is the bows that unlock the voi…

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The Whitman College Music Department faculty chamber music recital will be from 4-5 p.m. Friday in Chism Recital Hall, 137 S. Park St., on cam…