Description of Proposal:    ZCA19-002 – The McGregor

Company Zoning Code Text Amendment.  Application by The McGregor Company to amend Walla Walla County Code (WWCC) Section 17.16.014, Permitted Uses Table, and WWCC Chapter 17.08, Definitions.  The amendment would allow Irrigation Systems & Equipment Sales, Services & Storage facilities in the Primary Agriculture (PA-40) zoning district; and establish a definition for this use.  Development conditions/regulations may also be considered.

Proponent(s): The McGregor Company, PO BOX 740,

Walla Walla, WA 99362

Location of Proposal: This is a non-project action; the proposed zoning code amendment would be applicable in the Primary Agriculture-40

(PA-40) zoning district in unincorporated Walla Walla County.

The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030 (2) (c). This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency.  This information is available to the public on request.

The Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) is based on the project as proposed and reflected in the following:

  • SEPA Staff Evaluation Report, dated 11/13/2019

  • Environmental Checklist (SEPA19-004), dated 04/22/2019

  • Staff Report to Planning Commission, dated 11/6/2019

  • Zoning Code Text Amendment application (ZCA19-002),

       received 03/29/2019

This DNS is issued under WAC 197-11-340(2)(a); the lead agency will not act on this proposal for fourteen days from the date below.  Comments on this threshold determination must be submitted by December 14, 2019.

The lead agency has determined that the requirements for environmental analysis, protection, and mitigation measures have been adequately addressed in the development regulations and comprehensive plan adopted under chapter 36.70A RCW, and in other applicable local, state or federal laws or rules, as provided by RCW 43.21C.240 and WAC 197-11-158. Our agency will not require any additional mitigation measures under SEPA.

This DNS may be withdrawn at any time if the proposal is modified so that it is likely to have significant adverse environmental impacts (unless a non-exempt license has been issued if the proposal is a private project); if there is significant new information indicating, or on, a proposal’s probable significant adverse environmental impacts; or if the DNS was procured by misrepresentation or lack of material disclosure.

Lead Agency:  Walla Walla County Community Development Department (CDD)

Responsible official:  Lauren Prentice, Director

Address:    310 W Poplar St., Suite 200, Walla Walla, WA 99362

Phone: 509-524-2610; Email:  

Issue Date: 12/2/2019

Signature: /s/ Lauren Prentice    Date:  12/2/2019

Staff Contact: Lauren Prentice, Director, 509-524-2620

You may appeal this determination, in writing, to the CDD no later than fourteen days from the end of the comment period.  You should be prepared to make specific factual objections.  Contact the CDD to read or ask about the procedures for SEPA appeals and obtain details regarding submittals for appeals (including application forms and fees).  Walla Walla County Code (WWCC) Chapter 14.11 outlines the County’s appeal procedure. (Pub. 12/4/2019)