It’s certainly understandable for some women to want to abort their child during the pregnancy, after all she didn’t want it in the first place and carrying that child for nine months is tough. Oh, I know she was personally responsible for the pregnancy but personal responsibility is really not in vogue these days. And now it appears that she may be relieved of any responsibility for that child even if it survives a botched abortion, except to tell the doctor to just let it lie there and die.

But does this go far enough? We all know that a child during its first year out of the womb is really hard to care for and doesn’t seem to appreciate all our efforts. So, shouldn’t the mother then have the right to terminate it within that first year? Why not?

What’s the difference if you kill it during the initial stages of its life or after its cries are heard? That child had life from its conception and has been growing ever since (only living things grow) and it’s no defense to the charge of taking an innocent life that wasn’t fully grown when you killed it. No, abortion is still the taking of a human life no matter what stage of growth it’s in.

Just think of it, if abortions had never been sanctioned by seven out of those nine old men in 1972 upon the flawed basis of a privacy right, we would have some 60 million more lives living with us today.

What has happened to motherhood? But even more, what has happened to our character, our morality as a nation under God that gave every one the right “to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? Yes life is tough, but those 60 million would have loved to have experienced the challenge. Stop abortions and give them a chance!

Jerry Votendahl  

Walla Walla

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