I will be casting my vote for Zana Carver this November.

Zana will bring a missing voice to our current school board. She is a first generation college graduate, a working mother, a strong wife and life-long learner. She brings a deep understanding of what students from across the educational spectrum need. Her devotion to personal growth and learning makes her a unique candidate to help our school board navigate through the next challenging years.

Zana and I connected over a joint concern for families here in our Valley who were being left behind by many of the decisions made around pandemic protocols that seemed to defy science instead of trusting science. She connects with marginalized families in a way that is missing from our current board.

Now, more than ever, it is important to have a diverse school board. Diversity of opinions, backgrounds, spoken languages, and education is so important in an effective and productive school board.

Zana is always open to hearing new ideas and different opinions. That is why I hope you will join me in filling in the box on your November ballot for Zana Carver for Walla Walla Public Schools Board, Position 1.

Becky Waggoner-Schwartz

Walla Walla

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