Did President Trump suggest injecting disinfectant?

A strange column by Gary Abernathy, who is syndicated by The Washington Post, printed in the May 17 paper begins by quoting the novel “1984” and its Ministry of Truth.

In the nineth paragraph he blames the media for spreading the lie that Trump suggested injecting disinfectant, which is in fact what he said.

Many more than myself saw the video of Trump musing while aloud looking at Dr. Deborah Birx, who at that moment was staring at a hole in the floor.

Abernathy then suggests that his readers check Politifact analysis. I did. It concluded that the statement was true — Trump being quoted that he did indeed say inject and disinfectant. A free and honest press is essential to freedom.

The honest part seems to have escaped Abernathy and being a professional journalist he does not get the latitude often conceded to letters to the editor.

You guys do read this stuff before you print it, don’t you?

Harris Gwinn

Walla Walla