The U-B editorial in Wednesday’s paper about the Micro-Business Program having great potential is absolutely right!

This program is filling an unmet need, and is building businesses, economic vitality and resilience for our entire community.

I wish to point out, however, the omission of the Blue Mountain Community Foundation in this coverage.

The Community Foundation is one of the partners in supporting the inaugural class.

Last year, we made a discretionary grant of $6,000 for this purpose to the city of Walla Walla. Thanks to the city and Mercy Corps listed us as a supporter at the April 23 graduation event.

People might be interested to know that the source of the grant funds were the Donald C. and Ruth F. Roff Fund and the Donna Underman Fund.

Without these foresighted people the grant for the Micro-Business grant would not have been possible.

The celebration at Baker Boyer Bank was very well done — entire families celebrating the achievement of their loved one, all having high hopes for the future.  

We look forward to many more graduating classes and new businesses in the Valley.    

Kari Isaacson

Executive Director

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Walla Walla

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