America’s history is very clear regarding exactly what is needed in order to survive the many crises this country has experienced in the past.

Those experiences should have taught us that survival is totally dependent on a galvanized country, and even more importantly, a strong economy with jobs for its hard-working citizens.

In the past, the reason we have been able to rise up and ultimately overcome what seemed to be an almost impossible challenge was due to building a strong economy with a powerful industrial base — and jobs — not by shutting the country down!

Today as a result of the biased advice that was used by the decision-makers in their approach to deal with the virus, it now appears that often the data was one sided, with overstated so-called models, thereby promulgating actions purely out of fear.

Now that “the they that is the them” have effectively killed the Golden Goose with this wrong-headed advice, i.e. the demise of a robust business climate that would have given the redundancy needed to survive this unprecedented crisis, it now becomes a whole new ball game to insure this country’s survival.

Because of the restrictions and safeguards needed to protect ourselves from this draconian virus, it becomes a fight with one arm tied behind our back in order to face the extremely difficult job of assisting business to survive while trying to build back the strong and vibrant economy we enjoyed during the past several years.

Thanks to China’s complete irresponsibility, either by accident or design, along with its total disregard for not only its own citizens, but the people of other countries, along with its maniacal desire for total world domination, it has literally given “the gift that keeps on giving!”

Hopefully with Yankee ingenuity, the strong American spirit, along with some divine intervention, we will sort this thing out and begin the long journey to regain the great country we have all come to embrace, and the ability to once again stand tall, by returning to our benevolent past in order to help the less fortunate countries of the world.

Any lesser result, would be incomprehensible.

Daryl Schreiner

College Place