Wow! Jerry Votendhal just called us Democrats shameful, shameless, senseless, fools and unpatriotic. Let’s see. I — a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, passionately liberal — am a patriot, period.

 Growing up poor in Puerto Rico during the Great Depression I managed to pay for college in Puerto Rico and for medical school in Spain. In essence I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps.

  At age 18 I joined the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. National Guard. Bone spurs did not stop me from volunteering. I was then already a patriot and not a draft dodger! By 1979 I had achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel. I had a wonderful career in the military, enjoyed a top secret clearance and represented this country with honor all over. I did all this while sober. I did all this while being an unabashed member of the Democratic Party.

  I’m an honorably discharged Air Force retiree and a Department of Veterans Affairs retiree. I’m a member of the VFW, the Reserved Officers Association and, yes, a proud member of the Democratic Party. I unquestionably have earned my right to opine as I see fit about the president or about any other incompetent politician.

 Mr. Votendahl was casting aspersions on my fellow Democrats’ patriotism without even a rudimentary idea about their integrity, sincerity and their love for our country.  

Carlos F. Acevedo, M.D.

  Walla Walla 

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