There are over 30,000 deaths every year in America from gunfire. There are school shootings and mass murders so often it is hard to keep track of them.  Why is it that gun violence is so rare in the civilized world but so common here?

Are Americans thousands of times more evil than people in other countries or are they thousands of times more insane? It is hard to know because the end result is the same.  One hundred people die every day from gunfire in the United States while less than 100 people die from gunfire in the entire European Union during an entire year.

What should we do to address the psycho-killer culture that is so common in America? If the lives of our children have any value whatsoever to American voters, then what should we demand our politicians do so that the slaughter of the innocents does not continue unabated?

Is there anything we can learn from the rest of the world?  How are the countries of the civilized world able to escape the insanity and evil that grips America? Is there anything at all that you can think of that makes this country different?

If not, then think harder.

David Higgins

  Walla Walla


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