Mort Sahl was the comic genius who created televised standup comedy by simply reading headlines from a newspaper to stimulate his satire.

I am aware that there’s nothing funny about the Plan-Demic (this is not a typo, so don’t correct it U-B staff) and that politics are not in anyway involved in its reporting. Then one must wonder why newspapers are so rife with satire and no one is pointing it out.

In a June 30 story: “Researchers: Protests in Seattle (in a blue state), elsewhere don’t appear to be driving virus surge.” The study, from the University of Washington admitted that, “This data may be imperfect ...”

Then on Sept. 9 this story: Sturgis, in a red state, “‘Rally linked to more than 265,000 cases of COVID-19 costing $12 billion.” Thanks to the University of Colorado Denver and San Diego State University for publishing a study, in less than 30 days, that proves that the annual motorcycle rally caused over a quarter million new COVID cases at a staggering cost of $12 billion! These researchers even calculated the cost!

What is a confused reader to believe? Which is the lie; which is the truth? I myself; and probably Mort Sahl, wonder how these studies can balance statistical numbers on the head of a pin so well to as favor only one side of this controversy.

That’s OK, give me a piece of paper and a pencil and I will “prove” to you that 2+2=5.

Mort, I know that you’re 93, but we need your satire, today more than ever. Follow your own advice and “take more risks,” please!

John Christy

Walla Walla