In south central Walla Walla County on Highway 124, west of the junction of the Harvey Shaw and Lyons Ferry Road about a mile, and off to the left on a flat between Highway 124 and the Touchet River, sits one of Walla Walla County’s historic treasures.

This is the old Lamar log cabin that was originally built in the late 1850s by the Lamar brothers, who were some of the very early settlers and homesteaders here in the county.

Originally, this cabin set across the Touchet River but was moved to its current location sometime in the 1860s by the brothers themselves to a higher plain and away from the river for fear of flooding.

The Lamar estate today is under the control and management of Whitman College, which is a private and distinguished college.

Apparently, it is stated in the Lamar estate papers that the cabin itself is to remain where it is and never to be removed from its current location. OK.

However, it needs some tender loving care from Whitman College. The fence that surrounds the cabin is falling down and needs to be repaired and painted. The chinking between the logs of the cabin is falling apart and quite a bit of dirt within the cabin itself needs to be cleaned out among other things.

Between the fence and the cabin there are weeds and will be more as time moves towards spring and summer.

It appears that Whitman College does not care about this county treasure of ours and if that is the case, the Lamar estate needs to be ratified to move the cabin to another entity, such as Fort Walla Walla Museum where it can be cared for, otherwise, one of these days, the cabin will only be a memory.

Is that what the historic community of this county wants?

Whitman College has the money, I am sure, to care for this cabin, let alone move it if need be and if so, should grant the cabin to Fort Walla Walla Museum, pay for the move, and pay for the yearly maintenance of the cabin at the museum. That way Whitman College can wash its hands of this issue because, quite frankly, it does not care about it.

Steve Plucker