The desensitization to ever escalating outrageous rhetoric and behavior described in my July letter to the editor continues. Sadly, there are too many instances to recount here but there are a few that  exemplify the cruelty underlying what the administration is doing.

Hopefully, the humanity in enough people will awaken to stop it. The story below is excerpted from an article done by KTVU television in Oakland,.

“Around August 13, Isabel Bueso received what she and her doctor say could be a death sentence. It came from the United States Citizen and Immigration Services — a deportation letter saying: ‘Your period of authorized stay has expired. You are not authorized to remain in the United States.

“Bueso, 24, is a native of Guatemala, who has an extremely rare and potentially fatal genetic disease called MPS-6. It has affected her growth, breathing, heart, spinal cord and much more. Bueso said her life is in the U.S. She graduated summa cum laude from Cal State East Bay and advocates for others with rare illnesses.

“She was invited into the country when she was 7 years old by Dr. Paul Harmatz and federal government to participate in research into treatments for her affliction because there were too few people with whom to work in this country.”

The greater tragedy is that Isabel is only one face of many hundreds of other children in this country for life saving medical care for a variety of illnesses who face the same fate.

The reason for pointing out this story is because it clearly highlights what seems to be the underlying motivation for much of what this administration pursues with regard to policy, namely, cruelty.

It explains the Muslim Ban; recent comments about Jews who vote for Democrats, an ominous echo from history; withholding citizenship for children, born overseas, to military service people; deporting immigrant military veterans who served in hopes of gaining citizenship.

Cruelty, along with racism and profits for the private prison industry, explains caging children separated from their parents fleeing unimaginable horrors of death and terror in their home countries; now they seek to extend indefinitely how long detainees can be imprisoned.

The administration’s motives are important to understand because what they will do to the least among us they will certainly do to the rest of us if they see it in their interest to do so.

Where’s President Trump taking us?

    Rodger Stevens

     College Place  

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