Can progressives save democracy from fascism ... with fascism?

What does progressive fascism look like?

Schools are turned into indoctrination centers. People live in fear of thought and word police.

Strange new language ("newspeak"?) is manufactured to control thought and debate. Traditional free institutions are attacked as antidemocratic, oppressive, unfair, racist.

Fascists demand centralized power and sweeping, transformational change: totalitarian green new deals, emergency mandates, court packing, universal basic income and trillions of dollars in new spending.

The root of fascism is intolerance of other perspectives. Fascists think they’re right, and others are evil. Nonconforming persons and value systems are dehumanized and cancelled.

The advent of government and corporate cancel culture through censorship, boycotts, firings and credit/financial sanctions for wrong-thinking/speaking signals the emergence of a comprehensive fascism where no one will be safe.

As the "saviors" of democracy lead us in China’s footsteps where access to employment, credit, travel and education is conditioned on approved behavior (i.e., China's social credit scheme), we wonder when will Americans wake up?

Lorne Blackman

Walla Walla