Here we go again.

I drive wheat truck during harvest and make at least 200 trips per year between Walla Walla and Wallula Junction.

That stretch of highway has needed repaired since before harvest last year. They have had a whole year to make the necessary repairs any other time, but the idiotic powers that be have decided once again to do road construction on the two-lane part of Highway 12 during the peak of wheat harvest when large truck traffic is heaviest, therefore making construction zones most dangerous for workers and traffic in general.

Wheat harvest happens pretty much the same time every year. Any repairs should be forbidden during that time, which would be July 1 through August 15. Someone in authority obviously has callous disregard for the lives of the people working and driving during that time or they would quit allowing work during that time.

This is obviously a case of gross incompetence as this issue has been addressed many times previously and nothing changes. When the day comes that someone dies because of horrible planning, I hope the survivors start with suing the local Department of Transportation manager and work their way up the chain.

Someone needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Maybe someday someone with some degree of intelligence will figure this out?

In the meantime, I strongly suggest finding alternate routes between Tri-Cities and Walla Walla during this construction if you can.

Wheat trucks really don't have any options, but most everyone else does. Last time someone in a pickup barely escaped getting sandwiched between two trucks, and traffic was tied up the entire rest of the day.

Steven Riggle

  Walla Walla