Last Saturday, I had lunch at Public House 124, seated at one of the outdoor tables. I was disturbed by what I saw, watching the crowds on the sidewalk, many of whom were visitors to Walla Walla.

Very few people were distancing, and even fewer were wearing masks. When people come to town from an area still in Phase 1, refusing to follow common-sense rules, they are putting our community and our economy at risk.

Wearing a mask is critical if you can’t distance — if not to protect yourself, then to protect others.

I consider this a civic duty and a no-brainer act of courtesy. Not wearing masks is not a political statement, it’s not a reflection of how macho you are, it’s a tacit statement telling other Walla Walla citizens that you don’t care about their health; it’s telling business owners that you don’t care about their livelihood or their employees; and it’s telling everyone that you’re too dumb to get it.

Please wear a mask.

Cecile Rhodes

Walla Walla