The new measles outbreak shows us what happens when diseases are not taken seriously: They come back stronger and create a real test for our health care systems. (“State adopts new vaccine law” in the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, July 30.)

That’s why we must remain diligent on the aggressive pandemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria has saved 27 million lives since its founding in 2002, cut deaths from these three diseases by at least one-third, and kept us on the path to finally controlling these three pandemics.

 No wonder the House passed an increase to America’s funding for this organization which inspires other donors to put in two-thirds of the money needed. Let’s ask our representatives in Congress to sign the resolution to support the Global Fund (House Resolution 517), thus saving lives and protecting everyone’s health, by asking for America’s continued leadership for the Global Fund.

Willie Dickerson

 Snohomish, Wash.