No one is saying that “Black lives matter more.” Black Lives Matter is simply saying that “Black lives matter” because often this is not shown to be true. Many counter that “all lives matter.” All lives do matter.

However, history, society and our policing systems demonstrate a different reality. That reality tells Black folk that their lives do not matter. That reality is one where Black people are two to three times more likely to be shot by police than are white people. This is true whether or not a crime was committed!

Black people are also more likely to be harassed by the police and to be arrested, whether or not any crime was committed. If a crime is committed, Black people suffer much more dangerous consequences than do white for the exact same offenses.

Consider this very common metaphor, with credit to Lizz Schumer: If someone keeps setting your house on fire, you'd want firefighters to do something about it. Wouldn't it upset you if instead, people kept telling you that "all houses matter equally," if yours was the one burning?

Walla Walla: America is on fire, and the flames worsen if we only care about ourselves rather than our neighbors’ burning homes!

Victoria Lidzbarski

Walla Walla