The unprecedented rioting, looting, arson, insurrection, murder and mayhem in many of our cities has spurred a tremendous surge in the sale of firearms. Millions of Americans are terrified by this left-wing terrorism, and they want to be able to defend themselves.

In June 2020, 3,931,607 NICS background checks were done, which broke all previous records.

After years of repressive, unconstitutional gun laws pushed by misguided anti-gun fanatics, from Walla Walla to New York City, millions of “first-time” gun buyers have been shocked to learn that it’s very difficult to purchase firearms in many places, and that it’s nearly impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit in those same locales.

The “People’s Democratic Republic of Washington State” has long been hostile to the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms. A succession of draconian, unconstitutional gun laws have been pushed by Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and then approved by scores of we-don’t-have-a-clue-what-liberty-is liberals.

If Democrats continue to rule Washington state, which seems likely, we’ll no doubt see an effort at a total ban on handguns and semi-automatic rifles in the very near future.

And, if the socialist/Marxist Democrats take back the White House and Congress in November, the Second Amendment, arguably our most precious freedom, will be irrevocably lost.

Finally, I see that Harborview Medical Center, in Seattle (naturally), is going to do a “study” on “gunshot injuries.” The “study” is being funded by several leftist anti-gun groups and foundations.

The results of these studies are always predictable as are their conclusions. There will be calls for more gun control, of course, all of which will be aimed at the law-abiding.

I can tell Harborview what’s causing most of the gun violence, in America, in just a few words. These “gunshot injuries” are the result of gang and drug activity and until we adopt a “no-tolerance” policy towards gangs, we’ll continue to see gun violence.

These millions of new gun buyers may prove to be a major bulwark against the anti-gun lobby, the Democratic Party and other enemies of freedom.

Curtis E. Stone