I heard that Walla Walla City Council member Riley Clubb proposed that the City Council hire a part-time or temporary employee to help the city manage their energy needs including how best to lower our carbon footprint. Sounds like he is asking for a “climate czar” to guide the city through the heat waves of climate change.

If city officials really think that they could do anything to change our climate or reduce C02 then they don’t need a climate czar, they need a keeper. There is absolutely nothing they could do that will affect our climate one iota.

Further if they want to know how to reduce our C02 footprint just ask Google. Numerous countries, including Canada, have done this for years by adopting such plans as cap and trade, carbon tax or the installation of wind and/or solar substitutes; however, none of which have been successful in either changing our weather/climate or in any significant reduction of C02.

They have however caused their citizens much pain in the pocketbook. In Canada, officials have had to reduce their citizens’ income tax obligation in order to partly offset the extra costs imposed by their climate change agenda.

Before our City Council does anything, it needs to answer this question: with all of the substantial and costly efforts to reduce C02 emissions caused from burning of fossil fuels over these past 50 years, why hasn’t it slowed the alleged “global warming” or even affected the growth of C02.

Warmers tell us that 2019 C02 levels were at one of its highest, yet 2019 was one of our coldest years. Go figure!

It looks like C02 isn’t a significant factor in the change of our climate and that the small contribution of C02 caused by burning of fossil fuels is of no importance whatsoever. Burning of fossil fuels, is only 3.4% of all C02 and all C02 is just 2% of all green house gases, which is just one part of the warming factors, including the Sun and a hundred other factors.

By the way, you could keep those pesky C02s busy by planting some trees. Otherwise please don’t bother, for the global warming claim is just a joke — no, it’s a fraud!

Jerry Votendahl

Walla Walla