In this year of 2019, we are being bombarded with election information for the presidential election in 2020.

Many of the Democratic candidates who are in competition for the office of the president of the United States seem to be very liberal in their philosophy and policies. Many of these candidates have seemed to lean very heavily to the liberal ideology. These candidates even seem to lean more to socialism and government control of everything making the citizens and residents of the United States dependent upon the government.

This would mean that most of our freedom would be taken away and lost to us. Once freedom is lost, there is no gaining freedom back again.

We must consider which way we would want to travel as a country. Do we want to maintain our freedoms or would we rather be dependent upon the government? This is for each one of us to decide.

For me, I want to have the United States of America retain freedom and have the people governing this country. I’ve decided to vote for freedom; consequently, I will not be voting for any of the Democratic candidates in 2020.

What will be your decision?

Sharon Benzel

Walla Walla