This year, we are faced with electing our state and federal officials. We cannot allow our country to fall into the hands of the socialists. We have a democracy and freedom, but the socialist elected officials are allowing terrorists to rule their cities and states.

If we allow the socialists to win the election in November of this year, we will lose our democracy and freedom. We would never regain our freedom.

This election year is so very important because our freedom and rights under our founding documents are at stake. We need to re-elect the present administration in the White House so we can retain our freedoms and our country’s democracy.

There is a crisis in our country. We need to change the Washington state administration. We need to have elected officials who protect the citizens of our state rather than ignoring the terrorists and the anarchist who are rioting, looting.

Please consider the seriousness of this election year when you vote. And, please vote; and please vote to keep our freedoms and our country’s democracy.

With concern for the freedom and safety of our citizens.

Sharon L. Benzel

Walla Walla