I am standing up for Park Manor Rehabilitation of Walla Walla for the years and years of quality care they have given to this community. The general reader who read the latest article about COVID-19 that has impacted this nursing facility would come away with a very one-sided view of the care there.

This facility is clean with hard working staff. They go the extra mile and then some for their residents. The dietary staff will make a snack or beverage for the resident’s 24/7 if they want it.

Nursing staff are efficient and work demanding hours to care for these residents. The therapy staff consists of highly trained individuals from diverse backgrounds. None of that was mentioned in the article.

There will always be some residents who will complain about issues and when interviewed will magnify the problem or simply tell untruths. This is what I think happened in this article.

I would say to the citizens of Walla Walla, take a stand and let your voice be heard. Support Park Manor Rehabilitation not just now but all year long.

Bill Hogan

Walla Walla