The U-B has decided once again to use an in-house team of editors to tell the readers who they should vote for in the coming election. Oct. 10's editorial makes the excuse that it isn't to influence the elections but stimulate interest and debate. Hogwash.

Isn't the job of the newspaper to be impartial and just report the news?

Isn't stimulating interest and debate what you've already done by publishing questions and answers from candidates?

No, instead our hometown newspaper wants us to know their opinion because they are biased. If they truly wanted to serve the community in the way they should, then the citizen committee invited to take part in the Eskil/Huie race should be part of their election endorsement committee as well.

Here's a real fair and novel idea. Why not allow each candidate not endorsed to write a column rebutting the U-B's decision? Now, that would stimulate a lot of interest.

Four of the candidates for the Walla Walla City Council are friends of mine and all are good people. They deserve better. Telling people who to vote for is going for the lazy vote which might be pretty decisive. For shame.

Ray Hansen

Walla Walla