Wednesday, I read a letter to the editor inferring that we don’t teach our students historical facts. I looked up the author’s past and saw that several years ago he had written another letter indicating that President Trump is ignorant.

The gentleman might want to devote a little time to researching the topic. The history of the Middle East goes back beyond 1953 and Iran’s relations with the U.S. and other nations has varied depending upon several situations. President Trump may not approach things like we think he should, but I personally think he is taking on issues that probably should have been addressed by previous administrations and politicians.

The Shaw’s rule of Iran had some good and bad points. At one time, Iran was the largest importer of soft white wheat, which is produced in this region. After he was replaced by Khomeini, Iran imported no soft white wheat from us.

It appears that over a period its relationship with the other nations in that region changed significantly. Those who are interested can research the information and make up their own minds.

Regarding President Trump, I’m at a quandary. Much of the news I read and hear talks about his blunders yet, Tuesday, he drew 20,000 to his initial campaign speech (it’s been widely reported 120,000 requested tickets), he received $24.8 million in contributions in 24 hours, we have a very low unemployment figure, he is taking on issues that need to be corrected, and our economy seems to be doing very well. Common sense would indicate that something is inconsistent here.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla

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