The Union-Bulletin recently published a letter about the Amazon Rain Forest fires. It started out saying that the topic was an example of Economics 101. To me this letter is an example of Liberal Politics 101.

 The letter blames the event on President Trump’s trade war with China, which resulted in Brazil wanting to making more farmland available to produce soybeans that the U.S. was supplying to China.

Brazil has for some time produced corn, soybeans, wheat and timber. It is also the largest exporter of beef in the world and it has a history of clearing land in order to create more pasture for its herds. Other countries, including our own, have cleared land to allow for business development and population growth.

 It seems to be a common practice for those who dislike Trump to blame the trade war on him along with anything else they can dream up. I agree that he warrants some credit but don’t forget that China is a communist country and responsible for much of the blame because of its prior trading practices.

Perhaps we should congratulate Trump for standing up to a communist country that his predecessors have failed to do.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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