Our country’s early history often reflects on the few citizens that could read and write. Over time, we have done an excellent job of increasing the population’s basic academic ability. I suspect it had a great deal to do with our country’s magnificent achievements.

A recent letter recommended two candidates running for election to our local school board. One who is running for re-election and a second who has questionable motivations. Some research indicates that the Walla Walla School District ranks 209 out of 306 districts in Washington state which is in the bottom 50%. State test scores indicate that our students are 50% proficient in reading and 41% proficient in math. I think those statistics leave something to be desired.

Do voters really want their education tax dollars being spent on mediocrity? Perhaps it is time to concentrate on improving our children’s academic ability to insure a better future.

Please join me in voting for Zana Carver and James Stovall this November.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla

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