Hayden Home’s recent ads promoting its development plan for the Bachtold property ignore facts, and use imagery that is out of context and, in some cases, used without permission.

Don’t be fooled by these specious PR tactics. The property is not flat, and the amount of space set aside for parks, recreation, and children’s play area is minimal. The plan is not, as claimed, low-density. More than two-thirds of the proposed lots are 7,200sf or smaller, some as small as 2,520sf — this dense, so-called “product driven” zoning, is a gift from the recent rezone.

Hayden’s plan does not support the city’s Comprehensive Plan goals and policies for housing growth or park development. The site is not near public transportation, work locations, public services, parks, or shopping. Already stretched/deficient roadway and utility infrastructure cannot support an additional 372 households, and proposed infrastructure improvements seem woefully insufficient to ensure pedestrian safety, emergency response, and access to public recreation and services.

Hayden’s plan appears to provide the bare minimum area for open space, and steep slope, drainage ponds and drainage swales comprise much of that area. Reasonably sized, contiguous areas of park space for both passive and active recreation are missing from the plan. One ad clearly is misleading on this point.

Where is the recommended transition zone between the existing neighborhoods and much denser Hayden development? Fills of up to 22 feet placed in close proximity to Table Rock property lines, requiring retaining walls, and trapping drainage, are neither neighborly nor transitional. The ads conveniently ignore this fact.

Hayden’s plan will massively increase stormwater runoff, yet it does not describe how this impact will be mitigated, nor does it demonstrate how existing drainage problems will not be exacerbated. This seems to be typical of Hayden’s application filings.

Minimal detail is provided in describing proposed infrastructure improvements. Additionally, the traffic impact analysis appears not to follow current 2018 TIA guidelines. Overall, the plan’s compliance with established development standards has not been demonstrated. Annexation should not move forward on the basis of concept-level plans and flawed studies.

I urge voters to review Hayden’s filings and attend the next Bachtold annexation community meeting. Unlike at City Hall, you will be able to speak, be really heard and receive factual answers to your questions. After which I am confident you will join me in recommending our Council vote “no” to this annexation.

Cyndi Tomkins

Walla Walla

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