The closing of my letter last month stated the hope that everyone would be asking themselves, “Where is Trump taking us?”

I couldn’t foresee that answers would come so soon and dramatically with three mass casualty shootings, news of an inversion of the yield curve which usually precedes a downturn in the economy, and mass arrests at work places with no thought given to the fate of their children.

Whatever culpability one may or may not want to attribute to President Trump with regard to domestic violence, developing economic turmoil, souring international relations and general governmental dysfunction, it is important to note that there are forces at work behind the scenes who stand to gain from the chaos.

My most trusted news commentator repeatedly states that, “In chaos you (the bad actors) can steal”.

While we are being distracted by all of the high profile tragedy in the news, the administration is quietly shepherding a case to the Supreme Court which will destroy the Affordable Care Act; so kiss coverage goodbye if you have a pre-existing condition; Larry Kudlow has affirmed that Trump and the GOP are committed to cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits, too bad for people counting on both to supplement their retirement savings; the Congressional Budget Office projects a deficit of $896 billion for 2019 (a record) and is projected to grow from 78 percent of gross domestic product in 2019 to 92 percent in 2029.

This begs the questions, “Who gains?”; and “How will they accomplish it?”

This brings us to the crux of current events, people are too busy earning a living to pay much attention to the news and the national media is failing to identify what is really happening.

As a nation we are quietly being conditioned to suspend disbelief about a host of issues. We are told to believe that mass shootings are caused by videos and mental illness, as if other nations don’t also have videos and mental illness while having extremely low firearm death rates.

We are asked to believe that gigantic Republican tax cuts for the extremely wealthy do not add to the deficit while earned and paid for programs for retirement and healthcare need to be cut to balance the budget.

The real political divide in our nation is between entrepreneurial Main Street and sociopathically greedy Wall Street who own the national media and many government officials.

  Rodger Stevens

      College Place

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