Americans have traditionally viewed socialism as evidence of an unbelieving faith system. But that is changing.

A recent letter to the editor from David Higgins portrays socialism as the fulfillment of the Golden Rule and Christ’s teachings.

He reminds us we will all face judgment. But apparently not so much on our faith in Christ as on the socialist institutions we erected as evidence of that faith. Private charitable ministry no longer seems to count. Socialism is the new measure of loving one’s neighbor.

Socialism as a religious perspective is on the rise. For some, it’s become a religion unto itself.

In the social religion, salvation has more to do with social justice and government programs than faith and repentance. Concepts like love, charity and mercy are expressed as new rights and entitlements. Progressive courts, the university and PC values replace the church and scriptures as the moral compass of society.

For some, socialism seems to represent a form of atonement — perhaps for the imposed guilt of living as privileged citizens of an evil, capitalistic America.

To young radicals, it’s more of a revolutionary faith, offering them purpose and identity overthrowing the darkness of an irredeemably corrupt capitalism. Revolutionary fervor coupled with religious conviction can be a dangerous thing.

Few would disagree that government intervention has produced positive changes. But Higgins’ depiction of an America without socialism as an unbearable hell of sweatshops, poverty and child labor sounds a little Marxist — business interests being inherently corrupt while unions and socialist regulators represent the selfless “higher angels” of social conscience.

What’s missing (as always) from the dialog is the overwhelming biblical support for the free enterprise system as the economic foundation of free and just societies — as the author of the Golden Rule affirmed in his teachings.

The biggest problem with socialism is it recognizes no distinction between government and society. It has no boundaries other than the whims and imagination of its current crop of activists and social engineers.

Picture the destabilizing impact of a Congress full of self-righteous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revolutionaries free to reconstruct society in their own image. Private enterprise? Limited constitutional government? What’s that?

The socialist amoeba progressively absorbs the private, organic and spiritual institutions of society until it becomes the society, and the people are left unable to conceive of things like rights, freedom, equality, education or even faith, charity and The Golden Rule without it.

Lorne Blackman

Walla Walla

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