It is my pleasure to write a support letter for Ted Koehler, who is running for Walla Walla City Council. Ted has been vital in our community in the Affordable Housing arena through his work with Blue Mountain Action Council as the housing coordinator. Ted has worked tirelessly to help people with developmental/intellectual disabilities have high-quality, yet affordable housing in the Walla Walla Valley, in addition to seniors and people with mental health disorders. He has worked from the ground up to increase housing resources for vulnerable low-income people.

We at Valley Residential Services have worked closely with Ted to formulate housing ideas, participate in designing accessible housing for people with mobility issues and discuss options for future housing development. Ted is wonderful to work with, has a quiet demeanor and can problem-solve extremely well.

He does not get “rattled” under pressure. Ted knows resources extremely well, and has helped us with many ideas in the area of energy efficiency. Ted is a wealth of knowledge and knows building codes, construction issues and funding sources. He is not afraid to “step outside the box” and create housing that is creative, durable and very usable for our clientele.

Ted researches many different things until he is well-versed in the area that he is researching.

Ted was a valuable participant in the recent Community Council study on affordable housing, attending meetings weekly for six months to build his knowledge in regard to affordable housing. However, Ted was also a valuable resource to the people in this group and was able to answer many of their questions as the study progressed.

The Valley Residential Services’ office is in Ted’s neighborhood, and I am proud to support him in his bid for City Council. He has incredible skills to bring to the Council and is also calm and logical. The Walla Walla City Council will be better with his addition to the Council.

 Nancy Riggle

 College Place